Luxury prerunners

HM RACING DESIGN design and builds the finest Ford Raptor Pre-runners on the planet, from here in America to China, Panama and even Dubai.  We set out to Evolve the 2010-2018 Ford Raptor we took all of our 20 years of Ford F150 experience and latest solidworks CAD technology to design a system that is truly Race Ready.  Starting with the latest Ford Truck CAD files,  we set out to improve this into an offroad warrior but still retain fantastic street manners.  First thing was fixing the limitations with the factory parts and our Race Truck experience came into play. We modeled the 4130 parts into life and spend countless hours cycling to optimize geometry and minimize bumpsteer like our Race Trucks. We know first hand that long Travel Trucks need frame help big time and adding more leverage to a stock frame is a challange as well.  Thats why We include 4130 overlays for all lower pivots and for the frame rails to improve the strength and durability of this system.  Completely new 4130 constructed upper A-Arm pivots are included and incorporated into our shock hoop with crossover bar. This allows easier install and takes the guess work out of shock mounting locations.  With this new system in place you can expect up to 18" of wheel travel in 4wd and can run up to a 4" bypass. 
John Bowers relies on HM for his Raptor Race truck and placing 9th overall for the year (BITD Trick Truck 2016 ) lets you know that this is one of the strongest kits on the market...Period. With over 5000 race miles this kit it can handle anything from pre-running baja to racing pro classes. When your ready to Evolve your Raptor you call HM.